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Top Romanian Radio Stations for Learning Romanian

Learning Romanian by listening to Romanian radio stations is a good way at every level of Romanian proficiency.

In this top list I highlight some of the stations I found useful.

Radio România Actualități

Radio România Actualități sends its Romanian and international news over the air from its Bucharest headquarters. On its website you can also listen to podcasts.

Website: http://www.romania-actualitati.ro/

Radio România Cultural

This is the publicly owned station for fans of theater, opera, poetry and classical music in the Romanian language. Founded under Communism, today it also broadcasts on the internet.

Website: https://radioromaniacultural.ro

RFI România

RFI România is the Romanian version of Radio France Internationale, a French public radio station. It broadcasts Romanian and international news in the Romanian language.

Website: https://www.rfi.ro/


Part of the telecommunications conglomerate RCS-RDS S.A., Digi FM offers news and music in the Romanian language.

Website: https://www.digifm.ro/


If you are interested in sports, then this radio station will captivate your attention. It features everything from football (soccer) to ski and other competitive sport.

Website: https://sptfm.ro/

Național FM

Music is also a good way to get some Romanian into your head. And Național FM is one of the top stations in this area.

It was founded in 2004 and features only Romanian music.



If the above stations do not fit your taste, you can find all available Romanian radio stations on the following website:


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