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Where to Buy Romanian Books when Abroad

If reading books is your type of thing, then you may wonder where to buy Romanian books for learning Romanian when not living in Romania.

In this article I present a few options where to buy Romanian books when abroad.


Elefant.ro is Romania’s answer to Amazon. They have a big selection of general merchandise and a great number of Romanian books. They deliver to most European Union countries, but for other countries around the world you still can buy ebooks. Payment is with credit card. For its big selection of books and its good user interface, Elefant.ro is the favorite shop.

Website: https://www.elefant.ro


LibHumanitas is the e-commerce platform of the Humanitas publisher and bookseller located in Bucharest. They offer a big selection of Romanian books and ship internationally. You can pay with credit card or wire transfer in advance.

Website: https://www.libhumanitas.ro


Cărturești is another bookseller that has Romanian books in offer on their website. They deliver internationally and payment is with credit cards.


The Romanian Bookshop

If you live in the UK this little website might be an alternative. Next to English books they sell Romanian titles.

Website: https://www.romanianbookshop.co.uk


Our good big tech friend Amazon of course also has Romanian books. On the website of Amazon.com you can find them under books and then “Language” on the left side. Then select Romanian and you will find a relatively small selection of Romanian books. You can only browse them and they are not sorted, so the user experience is not good. Still, if you trust Amazon you can conveniently buy a Romanian book there.

Website: https://www.amazon.com

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