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Popular Sayings in Bavarian

These sayings in Bavarian unwrap the soul of any true Bavarian.


Do legst di nieda! Saying of bafflement, amazement.

Oan iwan Tisch ziagn. To outsmart somebody.

Des is ghupft wia gsprunga! There is no difference, one thing is like the other.

Kloaviech mocht aa Mist. A lot of small change also amounts to much.

Des is a gmahde Wiesn! The result is already definite.

An Woid vor lauda Baam ned seng. When somebody does not see the obvious.

A Ruah is! Silence!

A Scheidl alloa brennt ned. There are always two involved in a quarrel.

Aus Äpfe Amen! End of discussion.

Da Doud hod no koan vagessn! Everbody needs to die someday, no matter if rich or poor.

Da Oba sticht an Unta. The boss is always right.

Der schaugt si sei Essn noamoi o! He pukes.

Dia gehts woi z guat. Are you crazy?

Do schaugst oba oid aus. That is bad for you.

Dua di ned so aufmandln! Don’t take yourself so serious.

Es bressiad wia d Sau! I am very much in a hurry.

Foarn wia a gsengte Sau! Driving like crazy.

Hopfa und Moiz, God dahoids! God save hop and malt.

I glaub, dir brennt da Huat. Are you crazy? You can’t be serious.

Ois wuaschd! Whatever

Scheiss da nix, dann feid da nix! Just do it.

Vo nix kummt nix. If you don’t put any effort in it, then there are no results.

Wer zoid, schofft oo! Who pays has the power.

Des is äh ois füa Katz. This endeaver will not result in anything worthwhile.

Jetzt schlagts aba dreizen. I am angry at you.

A so a Saustoi, ois wia wann de Vandalen do ghaust hädn. This (room) looks very chaotic.


Bavarian Wikipedia: https://bar.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spruch:Boarische_Spruchsammlung

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