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Danube river

Why DañuBlue?

The brand name DañuBlue has its origins in the European river Danube. While it is one of the biggest rivers of Europe, the Danube traverses many countries and cultures. Each culture has its own distinctive language but all are united by the river.

DañuBlue should bring together all the people, like the river Danube.

The logo of DañuBlue contains a tilde on top of the letter n. This is a common letter in a number of languages, amongst them the most well known is Spanish. In Spanish it is called eñe. It has a palatal sound.

In the context of DañuBlue it signifies a wave in the river Danube.

Language Learning as Cooking

Like in any great meal you need excellent ingredients. The same for language learning, you need to learn the correct words to be able to speak or read. When cooking a meal you process the ingredients and mix them together. The mixing together of the words (or vocabularies) in languages is grammar. So you may think of language learning as learning to cook a delicious meal.

Both cooking and language learning are highly creative human activities where often you get new and innovative results when making mistakes. Often it does not matter if you produced a 100% correct sentence. The process should be fun and you should enjoy learning a new language. This can be achieved by having material that is neither too easy nor too demanding. Then you can enjoy your language meal together with your friends.

Who is DañuBlue?

DañuBlue is a project by Thomas Derflinger. If you would like to join the opportunity to bring language learning to the world please contact me. If you would like to invest in DañuBlue you are welcome too.

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